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At Scandicsofa, we create sofas, armchairs and bed with you in mind. Furniture is often overlooked as a mundane feature of a house, however for us it is a lifestyle and a philosophy inspired by Scandinavia.

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Why Scandicsofa?

Quality family time – sharing experiences and memories – creates a sense of values. Coming back home after a hard day at work, we want to rest and set our minds at ease. Therefore, the surroundings we are in becomes very important to us. Choosing the right furniture however, isn’t such a simple task. Finding the pieces that suit our interior perfectly while being comfortable, elegant and at the same time functional seems almost impossible.

That is why Scandicsofa was created – in search of something new and unique, something that we, ourselves, were looking for. Our furniture forms part of the lifestyle and philosophy inspired by Scandinavia. It is the Scandinavian style, minimalism, elegance and functionalism that bring warmth and beauty to any interior.

With our furniture, we would like to offer you something more than elegance. It is also the comfort, durability and natural materials that will positively affect you as well your entire home. Our promise is to change your life for the better. Why not start now?

Natural fabrics

Scandicsofa collaborates with well-known fabric producers from Italy and Belgium. Many years of experience means the highest quality and durability of our products. The fabrics we use are made of natural fibres such as cotton, linen and velour (unless otherwise specified). That is why they are extra soft and wonderful to touch.


We hire only the best-in- class specialists in the production processes.

Beech wood

All upholstered frames are made of beech wood from certified forests in Austria. We only use raw material from sustainable forest management areas. This idea was born 300 years ago among German forest workers and is still the basis for forest management planning in the forests of Central Europe. It also found its contemporary expression in the form of forest areas certification, which is why our sawmills have both FSC and PEFC certification.

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